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30 January 2019



The last JLA Breakfast looked at how technology, in particular AI, is changing work, decision-making and the workplace. It examined the myths and realities of automation, singularities, millennials and the gig economy. Reflecting on these vital issues were the founder of a leading AI solutions company, an author, mathematician and broadcaster, and a leader in the business of HR, skills and talent.

The speakers were:

Daniel Hulme – CEO of pioneering AI company Satalia and Director of the Business Analytics course at UCL, Daniel looks at both what AI really is, and its profound implications for all organisations. Beyond concerns about redundancy and a lack of human interaction he asks what technology will do to company structures and everything from annual reviews to strategic decisions.

Hannah Fry – Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at UCL, Hannah is also a regular on TV and radio. Her latest book, Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine considers what AI could be used for in the near future, and how comfortable we will be with it. From healthcare to banking to criminal sentencing, she examines the algorithms that could shape our world.

Kevin Green – one of the UK’s leading authorities on HR, talent strategy, employee engagement and workplace culture. Kevin was a key part of the team that turned around Royal Mail before spending ten years as CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Federation, the recruitment industry’s professional body. He’s worked with organisations from FTSE 100 companies to the NHS and helps organisations prepare for huge changes in talent, skills and leadership in an age of automation.



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