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15 June 2010



The final breakfast of the season addressed one of the most critical themes for UK companies, the public sector and the country as a whole – Innovation. Our speakers were Hamish McRae, Wayne Hemingway and Javier Bajer

Aside from his role at The Independent, Hamish made his name as author of The World in 2020. He now turns his attention to success stories from around the globe in a new book, entitled What Works? Amongst other shining and sometimes surprising examples, he outlines the lessons we can draw from mobile telephony in Africa, sports education in Australia and philanthropy in New York.

Since selling Red or Dead, Wayne Hemingway switched from fashion to social housing – helping regenerate both urban and coastal communities. He also launched Roadrunner bikes and Shack Up sheds, but what has really grabbed the public’s imagination is his idea for Pop-up shops. They now provide short-term, low-rent space for a whole new generation of designers and retailers.

Challenging a good deal of received wisdom, eminent psychologist Javier Bajer talked about ‘unlocking a culture of innovation’ – and how change can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.


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