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18 March 2010



On Thursday 18th March we were joined by two most inspiring speakers: BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner and the heroic bomb disposal expert, Chris Hunter. As the Army’s most senior counter-terrorist bomb disposal specialist in Iraq, Chris took his life in his hands on a daily basis. He became so effective at defusing the crude but deadly devices that both Sunni and Shi’a militias put a price on his head. The author of Eight Lives Down explained how to weigh up the threats, control anxiety and rapidly identify and prioritise tasks. He also showed how fear can give you a competitive edge – whether in corporate life or on the battlefield. As the only BBC TV journalist permanently assigned to terrorism, Frank has won universal respect for his coverage of Al-Qaeda. Fluent in Arabic (initially an investment banker at Saudi International Bank), he was shot six times at point blank range whilst filming in Riyadh. He survived devastating injuries and rebuilt his life, determined to continue his work. He has since reported from the front line in Afghanistan.


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