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26 May 2011



One of our speakers today brought The Apprentice to British screens, another frequently appears on its sister show – and the third has been responsible for some of the biggest TV formats in the globe. They are all hugely engaging communicators, with a great deal of hard experience that applies across all business sectors.

Ellis Watson has run Mirror Group Newspapers, served on the board of one of the world’s biggest public transport operators – and headed up Simon Cowell’s joint venture with Sony. He also sold Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to over 100 territories. With characteristic wit and wisdom, Ellis shows how to inspire passion and how to move from mission statements to true company culture.

Lorraine Heggessey was the first female Controller of BBC1. With a £300m programme budget she launched Spooks and Strictly, and re-invented Dr Who – changing the entire feel of the network. Then as CEO of Talkback Thames she scored huge success with X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and The Apprentice. Lorraine talks about managing talent (in all its forms) and delivering change.

Armed with a practical idea, limited contacts but plenty of drive, Michelle Mone progressed from a lowly job at a brewery to creating and marketing the cleavage-enhancing Ultimo bra. Now controlling a big share of the market, enjoying a high media profile and powering ahead in her other business ventures, Michelle talks about pushing the boundaries and staying hungry.

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