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24 January 2012



We saw three compelling speakers, each offering a timely perspective on getting the best out of your people…

Adrian Gilpin chairs the Institute of Human Development. He equips front line, middle and senior managers to lead their teams through change and uncertainty. His method is based on storytelling – mixing film clips with common sense wisdom and clear analytical insight into what makes us produce peak performance.

Daniel Tammet is a real-life Rainman – one of the world’s top ‘autistic savants’. Although he battled to learn basic skills that others take for granted (like looking someone in the eye), he can speak a dozen languages and recite Pi to 22,514 decimal places. He invites audiences to see through new eyes: “If you’re able to look at the world in a different way, you find solutions and opportunities you would otherwise miss.”

Guy Browning is a bestselling business writer and brand expert – often described as ‘the David Attenborough of the business jungle.’ He’s also one of the funniest speakers on the circuit. Taking his new feature film as the starting point, he shows how we can all use creativity to escape from the usual clichĂ©s, break a problem into its constituent parts and apply our own beliefs “to make good things happen.”


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