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28 June 2011



This season of Speakers Breakfasts culminated in a major debate on the impact of the current global geo-political shifts on British business – with four compelling heavyweight speakers…

Professor Jeremy Black has written over eighty books, many on eighteenth century politics and international relations. Alongside appointments in the UK, he is Senior Fellow at the Centre for the Study of America & the West at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia – making him exceptionally well placed to provide a historical backdrop to today’s power struggles.

Pippa Malmgren taught in Beijing, served on Bush’s National Economic Council and became deputy head of global strategy at UBS before launching her own asset management firm. She now advises fund managers on the impacts of national and world politics. Pippa offers a complete overview with a focus on the US, China and the Middle East – and introduces us to the ‘BRACSS.’

After spells as a Bank of England economist and head of George Osborne’s staff, Matthew Hancock has now entered Parliament himself and serves on the committee scrutinising public spending. He offers an insider’s view of Coalition policy, and an outlook on the next twelve months. How will the Government react to the pressures at home and abroad?

Martin Vander Weyer was originally an investment banker in London, Brussels and the Far East. Now Business Editor of The Spectator, he agrees that a shift of resources away from a bloated public sector will bear fruit. But he also believes there are many who should examine their consciences. Amidst all the changes, Martin wonders what’s become of our moral compass.

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