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23 August 2017



This JLA Speakers Breakfast looked at the elements – technical, cultural, and personal – that mark out the world’s most successful teams. A former F1 boss, a key member of the British Cycling team, and a performance expert and director of football all examined the lessons their sports provide for business.


The speakers were:

Nick Fry – Nick was CEO of the Mercedes Petronas Formula 1 team and its previous incarnation BAR for over a decade. During his time in charge the team changed radically on the track and behind the scenes. They went on to beat all comers in both drivers and constructors championships with the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg behind the wheel. Nick joined F1 from the motor business, having led Aston Martin where he moved the company from prestige marque to modern supercar brand, and previously serving at Ford in product development and running their customer service. He considers the parallels in leadership, strategy and teamwork in business and in a sport where innovation is crucial, competition is relentless, and winning is paramount.

Rasmus Ankersen – acclaimed author and expert in high-performance, Rasmus has examined how the world’s best athletes and their coaches operate, and what it is about certain cultures and mindsets that make winners. In his most recent book, Hunger in Paradise, the Director of Football at Brentford FC asks why, whilst most organisations put success at the heart of what they do, they usually fail to plan for or sustain it.

Phil Burt – Phil is the Head Physiotherapist at British Cycling, working with the team over the course of three Olympics, more than almost any other member of the coaching staff. Part of the famed marginal gains group he’s one of the few people to work in all areas of elite performance, training and equipment design. He’s led important developments that have improved times and reduced injury. Phil looks at how a team innovates, creates a winning culture, and engages with talent. He also reflects on the important lessons cycling has learned from recent problems and what others could learn.


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