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10 November 2010



If the ‘Out of this World’ title sounds like hype, it isn’t: the guest speakers were the particle physicist and presenter and the head of Virgin Galactic, Brian Cox and Will Whitehorn. Both powerful communicators with a passion for innovation and an ability to light up the imagination of conference delegates.

Will has spent many years at Richard Branson’s right hand, as Virgin Group Brand Development & Corporate Affairs Director. He is now at the helm of a real breakthrough venture: commercial space travel. Will makes the distinction between invention and innovation, and argues that the moment has arrived for business to launch a new Industrial Revolution – this time in space.

Brian divides his time between writing and presenting blockbusters like Wonders of the Solar System, lecturing his students and leading one of the key experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. With staggering images, his corporate presentations show how science has the power to shock and excite. He explains why we need explorers now more than ever, and why scientific research is critical to an economy dependent on new sources of growth.


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