14 Berners Street


13 December 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am

Our JLA Speakers Breakfast on motivation, resilience and mental health was held in our own JLAB studio and was hosted superbly by Stuart Goldsmith.

Our first speaker was Scotty Mills, who told us how his life in the service and leading Commando operations in the Gulf has given him a skillset that can now be translated to help organisations build resilience and overcome their limitations.

Dr Alex George followed and gave us some of the science behind why we feel how we do and how we can bring mental health conversations into our own home and professional lives.

And finally Petra Velzeboerspoke about her experiences with her own mental health and how she is working with corporations to create the right environments so work can be a positive contributor to their employees’ mental health.

After each speaker’s presentation, Stuart chaired a panel discussion and Q&A where the speakers able to challenge and build on each other’s points. We heard how mental health is now viewed and supported within the Marines today compared to when Scotty first joined and Alex and Petra debated the ways in which to approach someone if you have concerns for their wellbeing.


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